MS8: Numerical modeling of additive manufacturing

Animators: M. Bellet (CEMEF, France), Andrew Pinkerton (Lancaster, UK)

Scientific Committee: Yvon Gardan (Crestic, Reims, France), Muriel Carin (UBS, Lorient, France), D. Lefebvre (ESI,France), M. Chiumenti (U. Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain), Tarek I. Zohdi (U. California, Berkeley, USA).

Objectives: This minisymposium focuses on numerical methods specific to additive manufacturing (AM) processes. The scope covers all materials, initially in the solid or liquid state and all addition techniques (laser, electron beam, ultra-violet radiation...). Numerical methods are expected to address the simulation of the physical phenomena involved in AM either at micro or macroscale (transport of raw materials, melting and solidification, fluid flow and solid mechanics, microstructural evolutions). Contributions on the upstream and downstream integration of AM in the numerical chain for virtual manufacturing are equally welcome.