MS5: Advanced anisotropic constitutive equations for forming processes simulation

Animators: F. Barlat (Postech, Korea), H. Badreddine (UTT, France)
Scientific Committee: A.M. Habraken (Univ. Liège, Belgium), M.G Lee (Kac, Korea), F. Yoshida (Univ Hiroshima,Japan), D. Banabic (Tcm, Romania), B. Holmedal (NTNU, Norway), M. Worswick (Univ Waterloo, Canada), Y. Korkolis (Unh, USA), O. Casacu (Univ Florida, USA), T. Kuwabara (Univ Tokyo , Japan) , A. Dogui (ENIM, Tunisia) ...

Objectives: This mini-symposium is dedicated to the modeling and characterization of anisotropic materials suitable for industrial forming process simulations. Constitutive descriptions of visco-elasticity, visco-plasticity, ductile damage as well as evolving anisotropy for metals, polymers and composite materials in different loading conditions, including strain rates and temperatures, are typical topics of interest. However, contributions dealing with other deformation mechanisms, emerging materials and advanced methodologies, which contribute to the simulation of complex forming processes, are welcome.