MS3: Defects and damage prediction in forming processes

Animators: C. Labergère (UTT), J. Cesar de Sa (Porto)
Scientific Committee: P.O. Bouchard (CEMEF), M. Brünig (Munich, Germany), C. Soyarslan (Hamburg, Germany), J. Cao (USA), H. Zahrouni (UL, Metz), D. Celentano (Chile), Y. Bai (China), X. Li (China)

Objectives: The main objective of this mini-symposium is to gather researchers who have been working on extending the capabilities of material models, algorithms, numerical and computer models in order to be able to predict material failure and defects. The applications will be mainly addressed to forming processes in order to predict formability. A diverse variety of topics may be addressed, ranging from formulation of continuum constitutive models capable of accounting for evolution of internal deterioration, damage and fracture mechanics, wrinkling, thermodynamic approaches, anisotropic character of damage, damage and plasticity coupling, rate dependent models, strain localization, non-local models, size effects, mesh dependence, formability, fracture initiation, discontinuous approaches, phase field theories, multi scale approaches, instability phenomena and related topics.