MS2: Microstructure modeling in forming processes

Animators: M. Bernacki (Mines ParisTech, France), R. Logé (EPFL, Switzerland)

Scientific Committee: L. Delannay (UCL, Belgium), L. Madej (AGH-UST, Poland), A.D. Rollett (CMU, USA), I. Steinbach (RUB, Germany), A. Jacot (ESI, France), M. Bernacki (Mines ParisTech, France), R. Logé (EPFL, Switzerland)

Objectives: The understanding and modelling of microstructure evolutions during thermal and mechanical processes is more than ever a problem of prime importance in materials science, especially for optimizing forming processes. A powerful strategy has been demonstrated through the combination of full field and mean field approaches, for which the microstructure is either fully described, or approximated using a set of state variables. Microstructural features such as phases, grains, or cracks are introduced and their evolution is described through advanced numerical methods, describing the full 3D topology of the microstructure, such as to promote valid simplified descriptions compatible with cheaper computations at each integration point of a finite element mesh. The purpose of the symposium will be to illustrate this trends with a focus on large deformations in forming processes, and the associated numerical approaches.