MS12: Computational Fluid Dynamics in Material Forming Processes

Animators: Elie Hachem (CEMEF, Fr), Youssef Mesri (CEMEF, Fr), Pascal Gardin (Arcelor Mittal)
Scientific Committee: Ramon Codina (UPC, Es), Johan Hoffman (KTH, Se), Jean-Francois Remacle(UCL, Belgium)

Objectives: This mini-symposium aims at bringing together researchers and industrials to discuss the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Material Forming Processes and to exchange new ideas, recent developments and in particularly challenging industrial applications. Indeed, these methods are gaining in maturity and with the availability of computational resources; we notice an increase use of CFD coupled to material forming process such as in metal casting, polymer injection and heat treatments among many others.

Different approaches can be found in the literature and some are attractive because they simplify a number of numerical difficulties in Fluid-Structure coupling. Therefore, the aim of this mini-symposium is to discuss several material forming applications using phase change, multiphase flows, turbulent flows, conjugate heat transfer…as well as to talk about different methodologies and coupling strategies which are used to improve the efficiency and the accuracy such as interface localization, coupled engines, mesh adaptation, parallel computing,…