MS10: Design, Optimization, Inverse Methods and Uncertainties in Forming Processes

Animators: P. Breitkopf (UTC, France), L. Fourment (CEMEF, France), Robertt Valente (Portugal)

Scientific Committee: A. Del Prete (Italy), J. Guest (JHU, USA), M.G. Lee (KU, Korea), J. Chen (SJTU, China), B. Abbes (URCA, France), Hengan Ou (UK)

Objectives: This minisymposium is devoted to a large scope of methods aimed at identifying and to optimizing the parameters that affect the result of forming process These will include identification, sensitivity analysis and optimization methodologies with full-scale and reduced-order models. The topics will cover design of computer experiments, response-surface methodology, local gradient-based and global mono and multi-objective minimization algorithms. A special attention will be paid to uncertainty modeling, propagation and reliability-based design optimization. The presented methods will be illustrated on the literature benchmarks and with real-life industrial problems, verifying the feasibility of the proposed methodologies.