IMS2: Engineering simulation of sheet forming processes

Animators: F. Guillon (ESI, Fr), J.L. Duval (ESI, Fr)

Scientific Committee: O. Ye (ESI, China), M. Flanigan (ESI, USA), J. Luquet (ESI, Fr), I. Lee (ESI, Korea), S. Vondracek (ESI, Cz), Takayuki Ogawa (ESI, Japan)

Objectives: This mini-symposium is mainly devoted to the application of numerical methods in order to solve industrial problems related to the forming of sheet components made in various metallic or nonmetallic materials. Each presentation should describe briefly:

the practical problems to solve,
the main assumptions of the model,
the numerical methods used,
the constitutive parameters introduced in the model,
and a critical analysis of the results.

All the processes involving cold, hot or warm thin sheet structures are concerned such as: deep drawing, stamping, sheet cutting, etc.