IMS1: Engineering simulation of bulk forming processes

Animators: J.L. Chenot (Transvalor/CEMEF, Fr), …
Scientific Committee: R. Ducloux (Transvalor), L. Fourment (CEMEF), E. Perchat (Transvalor), K. Mocellin (CEMEF)

Objectives: This session is mainly devoted to the introduction of engineering analysis of industrial problems by well-established methodologies, utilizing finite element simulation. Each presentation should describe briefly:

the practical problem to solve,
the main assumptions of the model,
the numerical method used,
the constitutive parameters introduced in the model,
and a critical analysis of the results.

All the processes involving cold, hot or warm plastic bulk deformation of metals and alloys are considered: such as forging, rolling, ring rolling, wedge rolling, thread rolling, hydroforming, riveting, cutting, machining, heat and surface treatments, etc.